Houston Bio-hazard Clean-up

Caring & Experienced Bio-hazard & Trauma cleanup techs

We provide compassionate, discrete and professional trauma, crime scene and bio-hazard cleanup service in Houston. Bio-hazard cleanup requires cleaning, deodorizing and sanitizing areas where events like injury, accidents, sewage spillage, chemical spills and virus contamination have occurred. In case of crime scenes, police investigators are not responsible for cleaning up, it’s the property owners’ responsibility to contact a professional bio-hazard cleaning service. The caring team at R&L building Group is insured, certified, and licensed to remediate bio-hazard environments in accordance to all applicable Texas laws.

In emotional times, we provide empathy and peace of mind.  Call R&L Building Group at 713-686-8899 for emergency bio-hazard cleanup in Houston.

Our Bio-Hazard Cleanup Process:

  • Bio-Hazard Inspection – We will conduct an initial walk-through, and perform an OSHA- mandated employee safety hazard assessment on the scene.
  • Control / Separate  – We’ll follow OSHA’s recommended cross-contamination guidelines to secure and separate the affected area from non-affected areas.
  • Remove / Dispose -We’ll dispose and send hazardous waste to a licensed hazardous medical waste incinerator.
  • Clean / Sanitize – Our techs will cleanup and sanitize the affected areas. Should sanitation not be enough to control odors, we’ll use ozone or hydroxyl generators.
  • Test / Verify – Once we’ve cleaned up and sanitized, we’ll test the previously affected are to guarantee hospital level standards of disinfection.

R&L Building Group is the only call you need to make for fire damage restoration in Houston. Call 713-686-8899 to get started.

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