Houston Fire Damage Restoration

Expert Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Even after a fire has been put out, your home can still suffer extended harm from untreated smoke and fire damage. That’s why it’s crucial for you to immediately contact an experienced Houston fire damage restoration company. Most of the time, fire causes far more damage than what’s visible. Aside from damage to floors, ceiling, walls, and stairs, there will be electrical issues, HVAC issues, and structural issues. R&L Building Group has a proven track record of helping home-owners like you come back from serious fire damage.

When fire damage has affected your livelihood, a good restoration company just won’t do it. You need the best in the business. Call R&L Building Group at 713-686-8899 and restore your home and peace of mind.

Our Streamlined Restoration Process:

  • Inspection – We will thoroughly inspect your home to see the extent of the fire damage and create a restoration plan to bring back your home to it’s pre-damage conditions
  • Insurance – If you choose to, we can work directly with your insurance to relive frustration and stress, making the restoration process as smooth as possible.
  • Water Removal – If your home has suffered water damage from having the fire put out, we will remove and dry your home first before moving forward.
  • Emergency Board Up – If necessary, we will board up doors, windows and roof to prevent intruders and further damage.
  • Eliminate Fire Residue – The removal of soot and ashes is an essential step in fire damage restoration as they pose a health risk.
  • Restore & Repair – We will replace any damaged material, and restore material which can be saved. When everything is completed, your home will be 100% free from odors and soot, and restored to it’s pre-damged conditions.

R&L Building Group is the only call you need to make for fire damage restoration in Houston. Call 713-686-8899 to get started.

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